10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Blog

I read the other day that nearly a quarter of the world’s population use Facebook. That’s a huge potential market and while I don’t expect you to reach those figures it shows the potential audience social media has.

So what can you do to increase your share of the social media market? Here are 10 tips to get you thinking:

1. Outsource. You’ve got plenty on your plate already without adding the time needed to market successfully on social media. You need a specialist to help you. You could hire someone to dedicate themselves to your social media marketing but it might make more sense to hire someone who is an expert, such as an agency or freelancer.


2. Schedule. If you don’t have a slot in your schedule to write a post then it is incredibly easy to let the day slip past without doing it so get a schedule organised. You need to post regularly to engage with people.
3. Automation. We all value our time and anything we can do to save it is therefore useful. Tools such as Quuu automatically curate content relevant to your customers then tie it on to Buffer so you shares are automatically fed to them.
4. Share content. You don’t need to be constantly posting offers and details of your products. Your customers will also be interested in other content such as relevant industry news and stories or videos that are informative or educational.
5. Engage. Social media is all about interaction. If customers post queries or comments respond quickly and answer their questions. Increase engagement and you will increase interest.
6. Cross promotion. A strong presence across several media sources increases your chances of interaction and ultimately sales. On your Facebook page refer to something of interest on your website for example.
7. Monitor insights. It is important to keep a regular check on your insights. From these you can see which posts are most popular, what time of day people are most active and establish the demographic of your readers.
8. Mix it up. People digest content in different ways. Some are readers, some like to watch or listen and some are skimmers. To cater for all these needs you should mix up your content.
9. Consider boosting. There is considerable debate about whether paying for boosts on Facebook are worthwhile or not. It is not especially expensive so I would recommend you try it and then decide for yourself.
10. Call to action. It is an old marketing device but none the worse for that. Incorporate a call to action in your posts wherever possible.

Follow these easy steps and you may be amazed at the increase in readers, shares and even sales that will result.