A Round up of 2020 – What a year!!

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog

Did you read our end of year Dynamic times back in 2019? Well, if you didn’t, you’ll be pleased to know you didn’t miss our psychic prediction of what 2020 would bring.

That said, we did predict it would be the year you would sign up to couch to 5k (what else was there to do with all the gyms shut?). However, we didn’t claim you would complete it!

At Dynamic we always aim to look on the bright side and so we wanted to bring you a little bit of vitamin C in our round up of this year.


January – March

The start of the year began very much as the rest. Our team arrived back at the office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to get stuck in. As we headed into March it was clear things were about to change.

As we anticipated a lockdown, everyone at Dynamic got busy preparing. We cleared our dining tables and spare bedrooms to make way for the home office.

It was like experiencing our very first break-up all over again and moving back into our parents’ house. We nudged elbows, said our farewells, carried all the computers downstairs and loaded them into our cars.

Then drove out one by one until the carpark was empty.



Keeping the momentum going over lockdown was key. Like many, we hosted meetings over Zoom and kept in touch throughout the day using our messenger service, Slack.

We kept our spirits high by sharing our favourite Netflix recommendations, recipe ideas and Luke & Josh compared vegetables!


Dynamic Vegetables 1


Number of times we:

Had to tell Clive he was on mute: 25
Didn’t tell Clive he was on mute: 2
Lost internet connection: 347
Forgot to change into our ‘day’ pyjamas: 6
Said “We can’t wait to go back to the office”: 31


Our Lockdown 1.0 Collage

lockdown collage


May 10th

Lockdown eased. We skipped back into the office, wearing facemasks and doing our best Darth Vader impressions. The team got back into the swing of things and it wasn’t long before we expanded the team!

Blog image darth vadar


NEW Teamies

The summer sped around and in July we welcomed Petras to our growing collection!

Blog Image Petras Web Developer


29th August

A new arrival! Carol & Clive became grandparents to a bouncing baby boy, Reuben.

Blog Image - Baby


Pizza & Paint Party

When we returned to the office, we realised how uninspiring it was! With the drab magnolia walls and dull brown furniture it needed a makeover! Take a look at the transformation below.

Office Decorating


More Newbies!

In September we welcomed another bundle. Our Social Media Executive, Katie.

Social Media Executive

At the end of October, we were joined by our Social Media Manager, Jade!

Social Media Manager

More Happy News!

Sarah’s daughter passed her driving test – congratulations Amber!

Driving Test


Round Up

We hope you have enjoyed reading our round up of 2020. We’ve kept it brief but wanted to focus on the moments that brought us joy.

Right we’re off for the Christmas break but we look forward to catching up again in the New Year!


Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to you all!