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Artwork approval sign off

Please read this: please check proof very carefully

Every care has been taken to follow your instructions, but the final responsibility for the accuracy of this proof rests with YOU the client.  In order that we may print your design, we need you to confirm the terms below:

Please note carefully the following:

  • Once you have submitted this form you have given approval for release or print of your final artwork.
  • In the case where there are errors on the final print which were not alerted to on the attached proof, it is solely the client’s responsibility.
  • Please check the proof thoroughly as liability by Dynamic Sales Solutions Ltd is limited to corrections only as indicated on the proof.
  • We advise you check contact all details, web address etc thoroughly.
  • Dynamic cannot guarantee colour matching from previous printing as different printers have different colour systems.
  • Also, please be aware printed items may appear slightly different in colour to what appears on your computer screen as all individual screens have their own personal settings.
  • You agree that by signing this approval that Dynamic Sales Solutions Ltd cannot be held responsible for any errors found within the artwork.
  • Should a re-run on print be required, Dynamic Sales Solutions Ltd are not held liable for the re-print costs. This is solely down to you, the client.

Please sign below that you agree to the above terms and that you would like to proceed to print as per the attached proof.

Artwork Approval