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Celebrating Frankie’s 50th Birthday

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Company Culture

Frankie jetted off to a beautiful Greek island to celebrate turning 50 but returned to a rather quiet office… not a peep was mentioned about the big 5 0, nor a balloon in sight.

Little did he know, secret plans were underway!

Less than a week later, an unsuspecting Frankie walked into a “meeting” to be greeted by party poppers, a ‘Happy Birthday’ sing song and an array of balloons and party hats!

The team put together an excellent spread, our in-house baker, Sarah, baked a magnificent Coffee and Walnut cake and the Dynamic offices were quiet for just a few minutes while we all dug in.

The local charity shops came up trumps with a hilarious party game of ‘Egged On’, a game of egg roulette, who will get splatted?!

Happy 50th Birthday Frankie, we hope you had a fabulous afternoon, love all the Dynamic Team!

You can view the festivities by watching the video below.