Making Content Marketing Work for You!

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Blog

What is Content Marketing? You are reading it right now!

You experience Content Marketing whenever you visit a website and access information, whether the site is concerned with news, entertainment or a blog. It is as simple as that but it can be your most powerful means of attracting new clients and customers.


The key is to create a website and stock it with free, useful information that your prospective clients will value. At the same time you will be offering a service or goods that these people may wish to purchase. This blog, for instance, provides good ideas for marketing small businesses for free, as well as offering our own professional marketing expertise.

People seeking this free information can be broken down into three groups:

1. People specifically seeking information that is free.

2. People who are prepared to have a go themselves but who will hire professional expertise if they cannot get successful results.

3. People who are seeking professional expertise to get the job done for them while they concentrate on what they do best.

So how will these different groups react to the free content they have accessed and how can they be turned into clients?

1. The first group will never pay for any professional help. Fortunately, they are also the smallest group. Forget about them.

2. Some of this group will have a go themselves. They may set up their own website, for instance, and try and generate business through it. However, if they do not get good results and responses they are smart enough to know that they should be employing someone who has the expertise to do the job well for them and provide the results they need. Some of these people will hire you.

3. This group know what they want and realise they need expert help. If the information you provide through Content Marketing is good enough, these people will hire you.

Just one more tip – the content has to be well written, accurate and factual!

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