Creating a Logo for My Business – What Do I Need To Know?

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Knowledge Hub

A logo is a design or symbol used to identify a business and its services, employees, or products. Put simply, a logo is what will identify you and your business from the rest at first glance. It’s the image that demonstrates how your business is remembered and recognised amongst the competition. A good logo also effectively functions as the face of the business, so it’s highly important that you create an excellent logo for these reasons!

The fundamentals

A truly unique logo design starts with understanding the message, goals and branding you want to convey to the customer. Understanding the absolute fundamentals of what you want to convey to your customers as a business is essential, so noting down some ideas that can be used as a starting point for creating the detail of a truly fantastic design is going to be key here.

It’s these initial steps that you will then use to build upon for an excellent logo design. Then creating a visual representation of your fundamental ideas and principles will be a way to develop these further, while incorporating different elements of colour, style, and font. Remember that none of this is set in stone, and you can come up with as many ideas as you like!

Online logo makers

Creating a logo is easy enough to do in the modern age of the internet, with a plethora of free logo making options to choose from online. These can include options from Wix, PlaceIt, Adobe Spark, Shopify or Canva. While convenience and ease of use might be preferred through the use of this software, there are still other considerations to make. Naturally, this type of software comes with a range of disadvantages which can include:

  1. Lack of originality

Free logo making software inevitably features far less design features when compared to professional creative designers. When using this type of software, the templates offered will also be far more restricted, and this will amount to a logo with a generic aesthetic. You’ll be stuck with whatever stock imagery is provided by the website.

  1. Professionalism

Online logo makers typically end up using the same variations of a logo over and over again. This obviously prevents its limitations and lacks the professional touch needed for branding.

  1. Copyright issues

Using free logo making software can also leave you with copyright issues, because if a similar logo is created by your competitor this can create problems in the future. If a competitor uses a similar logo and register it under a trademark, legal problems might arise later. Remember that if you don’t own the copyright to your logo, anyone can come in and use the same logo without being penalised.

  1. Customisation

When a professional creates your logo for you, they will sketch a design from scratch based on your advice and put their original conceptual flair into it. Creative professionals are distinctly aware of the principles required for a good logo design, more so than you might be yourself! They can design absolutely anything without any of the limits imposed by a free software creator.

  1. Unique aspects

A good logo has to be unique; if you use a logo template, there are chances for other brands to use a very similar design. This could be incredibly damaging to the overall branding!


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