Does Website Redesign Affect SEO?

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Blog

In this era of digitalization, most businesses hold a website for their own benefit. But what if the website is inactive or not good enough to meet the user’s expectations and rather hamper your business with the wrong impression? In this scenario, a website redesign is mandated. You need to redesign your website to get more traffic and reach your desired success by solidifying your branding and developing a better user experience.

Another important thing is SEO which is a part of digital marketing and plays an integral role in the success of your business and is complex, tricky, and time-consuming to do. And suppose you have done a great SEO for your brand, but this is the moment you need to redesign your website; then what will happen? Does website redesign affect SEO, or if it affects it, then is it positive or negative? Clear all your confusion from our article about whether website redesign affects SEO.

What Is A Website Redesign?

Redesigning a website means making large-scale changes to your website. The changes include the change in the code, content, layout, structure, and visuals. It presents your site with an entirely new and fresh look. It is an important part of a website’s development, no matter how good the site is. It’s because even if you had the most fabulous website in the world back in 1999, it would definitely be outdated in today’s world and can’t meet the user’s expectations appropriately. 

Sometimes you might make little changes to your sites. Still, occasionally, you need to make significant and large-scale changes to keep the website up to date with the current design, user’s needs, and technology to increase traffic and reach your business to your expected success.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of digital marketing and is essential to any business’s success. In this modern era, most businesses hold a website to reach their consumers, and SEO help them do it more profoundly. SEO helps to rank websites at the top of the search engine, drive more traffic to your website and increase your revenue by creating a superior user experience. However, SEO requires tricks, intelligence, and time to give you your desired outcome.  

Does Website Redesign Affect SEO

So, Does Website Redesign Affect SEO?

Redesigning your website is normal, but what happens to all the SEO work you have done previously? Does website redesign affect SEO? Frankly speaking, a lot can happen when you redesign your website. It can be destructive but, of course, recoverable. But, it can also create a positive impact on the SEO result. It depends on how you are going to redesign and manage each step so that it doesn’t affect the SEO in the wrong way but rather in a positive way.

Website redesign definitely affects SEO, but you have to ensure that the impact must be positive. When you are redesigning your website, there are several things to inspect to ensure that your rankings and SEO performance will not be negatively affected. It can negatively impact you if you don’t think about SEO when resigning. You need to understand what content to keep, what design to choose, loading speed, coding, and technology you are choosing for redesigning. Also, if you ignore the facts which are directly connected with the SEO result, for example, redirecting or hyperlinks, contents, URL, and many other things, then website redesigning can definitely cause a wrong impact. 

Redesigning your website can also have a noticeable impact on the SEO, and if not a significant impact, you can even save the destruction that can be caused by the website redesigning. If you want to save the destruction of the SEO that can be caused by website redesigning, then follow the following steps.

  • Move the new website to a temporary URL
  • Test all the links properly and search for the broken links
  • Make a checklist of all pages from your OLD website and ensure that the new one has all of them that you want to keep
  • Ensure that the Google Search Console has verified the new website
  • Ensure that Google can correctly index the new website
  • Optimise and resubmit XML sitemap to the search engine like Google and Bing
  • Observe the rankings

Final Thoughts

You can now understand that website redesign can affect SEO in good and bad ways. It depends on how you manage it. However, redesigning is a mandatory part of the development of a website, and overhauling it can be a tremendous growth opportunity. Creating a site with SEO ingrained in every layer of the site’s page can help you reach rankings you might never have achieved with your previous site. So, feel free to redesign your website but do it wisely so that a positive impact can be created on the SEO.