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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for photo and video sharing. There are over 1 billion active users, with over 60% being made up of those aged 18-35. A staggering 1 in 2 people uses Instagram to discover new brands… it’s time to make your business one of them!

Management Package

The Instagram Management Package is designed and built to handle every aspect of your profile and activity


Set up your feed

Highlight icons, optimise bio, Linktree, Instagram Shop etc.


Gain followers to boost reputation

The more followers you have online, the more credibility you have in your industry


Follower management

Interacting with your target market accounts to build your recognition


Grid posts

Uploading an agreed amount of posts per week relevant to your campaigns


Story uploads

Regular stories using interactive tools to gain more engagement


Communication management

Reply to dm’s, like and respond to shares, comments and tags



Captions with implemented SEO and relevant hashtags used

Key Benefits

Here’s how your business can expect to benefit from having an active Instagram account:

Maintain customer relationships

Build authority within your industry

Grow your brands awareness

Easily track insights and analytics about your audience

Drives website traffic and direct sales for your product/service

Gain user-generated content

Make money directly from Instagram as a platform

Visually demonstrate your product/service

Reach a wider audience

Please note that Instagram has an audience of predominantly younger audiences, therefore some industries and businesses may opt for a different social media channel, such as LinkedIn.

As of January 2023, almost 31 percent of global Instagram audiences were aged between 18 and 24 years, and 30.3 percent of users were aged between 25 and 34 years. Overall, 15.7 percent of users belonged to the 35 to 44 year age group.

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