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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find, connect and strengthen relationships within your business industry and to future customers.

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Management Package

The LinkedIn Management Package is designed and built to handle every aspect of your profile and activity.


Personal Profile Set Up

This is different to your company page. This is the profile that will represent you as an individual


Company Profile Set Up

This will include adding in all the key features which will help you attract more customers and followers


Follower management

Interacting with your target market accounts to build your recognition


Trending industry news (hashtags)

Adding hashtags to posts so they outreach to more people than just your followers


Post Articles (monthly) - industry news

Each company page has the option to create a monthly newsletter, which will also be sent to your followers email box


Managing connections - connecting with people in your indsutry for networking advantages and to customers to build trust


Weekly posts for both the personal side and business side of LinkedIn


Keeping your feed up to date by liking and commenting on others' posts to keep your name relevant on the timeline


Posts can also be published into certain groups dedicated around your industry


Invite followers and connections to follow your company profile, boosting your online credibility


We will research into your correct customer types and connect and follow these potential customers on your behalf


We will also monitor any messages and inquiries you recieve through the messaging box

Key Benefits

Here’s how your business can expect to benefit from having an active LinkedIn account:

Gain access to multiple B2C and B2B connections, interacting with those in your chosen industry

Build your reputation within the industry on a platform that is solely focused around individuals/personalities within the business

Build business relationships with other LinkedIn members who are also business leaders

Interaction is key - just by liking, commenting or sharing posts, this is showing you are active on LinkedIn and are in search for connections and business

By creating shareable content, people are going to interact with you and your business more

By building connections, this shows you are the real deal. Potential consumers are much more likely to trust you and your business if you have a larger following

You can utilise messaging and inbox in order to connect closer to certain people in the industry, spark conversation over a previous post...etc

Hashtags are key, potential customers may find your work or page through conducting hashtag searches, we’ll make sure we cover the key hashtags that relate closely to your business

Articles (once a month) show you are actively trying to portray industry news across your page, different types of content do well on LinkedIn

On your profile, it is important to include skills and endorsements of yours in order to sell yourself and your service to a potential customer

It is important your personal information is correct. Bio, profile picture and cover photo are the first factors people see when they click your profile, advertise you as well as your business