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The lOCAL team you can trust with your Knowledge Bank

A knowledge hub (also known as an FAQ page) is where all of your questions will be answered in long format. If a customer has a question surrounding a topic of your business or product, then this will be the place where you can gain rank on Google for these commonly searched questions.

Management Package

The Knowledge Hub Management Package is designed and built to answer any questions your audience may have.


Check whats trending - this is important for optimum impact

By staying relevant with trending topics, you are more likely going to have visits to that page


Knowledge Hubs are a minimum of 600 words where possible in order to rank on Google effectively


Keyword research and keywords used for SEO purposes

SEO  work ensures your knowledge hub will come in handy and not just be sat their collecting dust


Use of licenced imagery when required


Metatags and Alt tags used wherever possible


Links both to your site and outbound links used


Released to your website, Google Business Profile Page and all relevant social media channels

Key Benefits

Here’s how your business can expect to benefit from having an active Knowledge Hub on your website:

Positions you and your website as the expert of your target audience

Enables you to answer your audiences key questions in the most efficient and effective way

Supports your prospects along the buyer journey, increasing your chance of a conversion

Revolutionise your customer experience, making it easy and engaging for users to access the information they need

Increases online engagement, user more likely to access other pages of your website

Increase business efficiency by reducing and potentially eliminating repeat customer queries

Enables you to provide in-depth, instant, on-demand information and answers your audience members without needing to do so individually

Shareable content encourages users to share this and therefore boosts your online reach

Say hello to Georgia who will explain in further detail