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The lOCAL team you can trust with your website Development

Website development is a catch-all term for the work that goes into building a website. We will both design and create your website alongside your input, so you can achieve the website you’ve always dreamed of. This includes everything from markup and coding to on-page design and page creation. 

Web Design & Build

Web Design & Build is arguably the most important step when taking your business to the next level. We will:


Write the code that makes a website function, whether they work on the front end or back end (server-side)


Create or implement designs demanded by a client or created by the design team - designing user interfaces and navigation menus


Expert-level knowledge of a variety of programming languages, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS, PHP, and JavaScript but also extending to other languages if necessary


Back-end web development creates the website’s structure, write code, and verify the code works


Front-end web development works on the visual part of the website—the pages visitors see and interact with (also known as the user interface). They design the physical layout of each page, integrate graphics, and use HTML and JavaScript to enhance the site.


Testing web applications


Technical SEO: Many factors of website design can affect the site’s search engine ranking. We understanding how search engines rank sites through SEO.

Key Benefits

Here’s how your business can expect to benefit from having regualr website development:

User-Friendly Design Interface

Ease of navigation – Creates simplicity and flexibility in your website to help a user find and navigate links.

The more user-friendly is a website, the higher ranking it will achieve. The ranking and traffic factor depends on the seamless UX and UI structure.

SEO is a process of making changes in a website and adding Meta in the html head section to make a website crawl and index faster.

It helps you to promote your products and sell your services to your targeted customers and bring more traffic and revenue.

A website must be developed to run on cross-browser platform devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. It simplifies the complexity of coding and lessen the burden on the developer to build new website for each platform.

Businesses need faster loading websites to get more customers and convert them into leads. Website development helps this.