Five Crucial Questions in the Age of the Customer

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Blog

There is no doubt that marketing has changed dramatically in the 21st Century and we have now arrived at what is being called the Age of the Customer. To survive and thrive, companies need to rethink how they interact with their customers and they need to be where their customers are – online and on social media.


Companies need to recognise that their customers expect the same high level of service whether they are face to face, using an app, on a mobile web site or on a PC or telephone. To be successful in the Age of the Customer companies would be well advised to ask themselves these five questions:

Are you useful? This may sound nonsensical, but surveys have shown four out of five mobile phone users would prefer a site that is useful rather than interesting. Look again at your buying process. Could you take a step or two out of the procedure? Can prospective buyers view multiple items? These are the things your customers want.

Are you fully connected to your customers? Your customers are still the same people whether they are talking to you face to face or visiting an app or website. There needs to be co-ordination across all these platforms, the same offers, products and service ratings. Keep your customers loyal across all formats.

Do you listen? Abandoned online shopping carts and falling demand for certain products are clear indicators of customer dissatisfaction. Check what is being said on social media and offer customers feedback forms and surveys to help assess what you are doing right or wrong.

Do you deal with yourself? Mystery shoppers have been around for some time now, but it can be an interesting experience to explore your own company’s services. If a product is not available are alternatives recommended? Is an initial enquiry easily turned into a purchase? What would you think about your company if you were a customer?

Do you believe the customer is yours? If you do, then you are mistaken! This new digital age has made consumers more fickle than ever, changing brands at the press of a button. You must always try and engender customer loyalty whenever possible.

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