Foxmoor Fire & Security

Our digital marketing journey with Foxmoor Fire & Security consisted of:


About The Brand/Website

Foxmoor Fire & Security are a local team based in Gloucestershire, who install a variety of security devices to domestic and commercial properties. This includes intruder alarms, access control, CCTV and fire alarms.

The team at Foxmoor came to us at Dynamic in search of reaching out to a wider audience, in the hope of attracting more visitors to the website and therefore bringing in regular enquiries for their installation services.

We are always honest with our customers, and informed the Foxmoor team that SEO is a gradual gain, which won’t necessarily see quick turnarounds of results. Once we built them a completely new and fresh website, we started a social media campaign to get the name of the brand out there before pushing any SEO.

Now, 12 months down the line, Foxmoor are regularly picking up enquiries through the SEO implemented across the website, reaching more customers and appearing higher in search results.

Key Features


  • Separate product pages

  • Interactive work gallery

  • News section

  • Monthly blogs

  • Testimonials

  • Special offers page

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      Off-Page SEO

      Now, a year down the line, the team at Foxmoor Fire & Security are swept off their feet with brand new business enquiries through the off-page SEO we have implemented on to their website and Google rankings over a series of time.

      This has been done by closely monitoring the performance of the website on a weekly basis, making constant changes to the back end of the website to ensure the right moves are being made to position them in front of the right audience members. This involves targeting keywords surrounding their business, which ultimately is ‘security’.

      This has considerably improved the SEO of the Foxmoor brand, flooding their website with regularly searched key terms that potential customers are commonly searching for. Especially with the popularity of security cameras growing in the UK, the Foxmoor team have seen momentous rewards because they acted at the right time and trusted the team here at Dynamic.

      This work done for Foxmoor has also included building the backlink structure behind the scenes, making sure that every link on the website goes to a reputable source of information, be that to their own website or to another. Whilst it does take a while to rank on Google organically, you must start somewhere.

      Foxmoor took that leap of faith and have been reaping the benefits ever since, with many of their popular search terms landing them on the first page of Google through the SEO Dynamic have implemented over a series of months.

      Local SEO

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