Great Employee Experiences

by | May 21, 2019 | Blog

I am always looking at ways of helping my team improve themselves and encourage them to sign up for various courses as I am a great believer in lifelong learning.

This got me thinking about how else I could improve the employee experience and I came across some informative articles by the Redactive Media Group. I will be looking at some of their ideas and research findings in future blogs but thought I would kick off this month with some figures originating from research for the UK’s annual Best Workplace awards:

• Best Workplace employers do their best to make new employees feel part of the team from Day One. A staggering 94% of their employees said they felt at home the instant they walked in the door.

• Learning and development (L&D) is important for many employees. The Best Workplace research found 83% of employees felt they benefitted from L&D, making them feel they were developing professionally.

• The research also highlighted the value of teamwork. 84% of employees felt they could count on the people around them to co-operate.

• Management has a key role to play. 88% of Best Workplace employees feel their manager is doing a good job managing their team.

• Work-life balance is much talked about these days and Best Workplace research found 81% of their employees feel actively encouraged to balance their work and personal lives.

• Employees at Best Workplaces are 20% more likely to stay in that employment than other employees.

Plenty of food for thought amongst those figures!