How Marketing Works

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Blog

I’m not a fan of the Vanarama commercial on TV. You know the one – his van’s off the road so he starts singing. It has me reaching for the remote to change channel every time.

But here’s the thing – I remember the product.

If I ever needed to rent a van the chances are I’d be looking at the Vanarama website first. That’s how marketing works.


Put simply, marketing is every interaction a company has with people outside that company. A vehicle wrap with the company logo is obviously marketing. So is a website or newspaper advert. What about your tone of voice when answering the phone? How you act in a business meeting? Or what you are wearing? It is all marketing.

Marketing is about creating and maintaining relationships with people. You must be able to get on with people to get your message across. There has to be a level of trust between your company and your clients. It works most successfully on the “drip drip” method whereby you get your message across through repetition.

This does not have to mean beating your client over the head with the same old message, although this can work as the Vanarama advert shows. It is more about frequent contact with the client through a variety of marketing methods. These can be email campaigns, newsletters or phone calls.

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