How to Find New Customers

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Blog

You shouldn’t wait until your business is struggling or you have ‘the time to do it’. Searching for new customers should be an essential ongoing task for all businesses, big or small.

Your existing customers are important, of course, but most businesses are likely to lose 10% to 20% of their customer base each year. At the very least you will need to replace them.

Here are some simple strategies to identify and secure new customers.

  • Ensure you know who your ideal customer is. Some will be constant complainers, others will prove unprofitable and yet more will just be short term. Identify the ‘keepers’ and concentrate on them.
  • Remember the importance of recommendations. If an existing customer recommends you to a friend or colleague, your job is made that much easier. You still have to deliver on price and deadlines, but such referrals may earn you a bit of slack. Do not be afraid to ask clients if they know anyone who might want to use your services.
  • Does your website turn browsers into customers? Google Analytics can show you how many people have visited your website and how many have made a purchase. It may be worthwhile employing an expert to look at your site and give advice, as fresh eyes can often spot old errors and new opportunities.
  • Follow up lapsed or lost customers. A quick call or email can remind them that you are still available to help them if their current company lets them down.
  • Communicate. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep existing customers and prospective clients in the loop. Tell them about any new products or services, inform them of special offers or write an interesting blog or web article.

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