Improve Your Marketing

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Blog

I am always being asked for ways that small businesses can improve their marketing.  Here are five that are simple and straightforward.

1.    Keep it Local.  The further afield you go the greater the risk you run of spreading your marketing too thinly.  Local marketing keeps costs manageable and allows you to react quickly to any new localised trends or fluctuations.


2.    Access Free Marketing.  Yes, I’m talking about social media.  Every small business needs to engage with these.  It will take up some time thinking what to write but don’t forget it doesn’t cost you a penny.  Make friends on Facebook and Twitter and let them spread the word, doing your marketing for you.

3.    Utilise SEO.  If you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization then you need to give me a call urgently!  Basically, it involves employing key words and phrases on your website that are picked up by search engines such as Google.

4.    Make Your Customer Data Work for You.  You need to be collecting email addresses from people who visit your website to build up your own personal client database.  This can be the basis for your target audience and let you customise your advertising specifically to them.

5.    Don’t Forget Hard Copy.  Despite what many people will tell you, there is still a place for old school hard copy advertising.  I’m talking about business cards, posters, magazine adverts and the like.

Alternatively, let me help you with all your marketing needs.  Contact me for an informal discussion on 01452 534860 or visit our website and take a look at what we can do for you.