Using Instagram Reels as part of your Marketing Strategy

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Blog

Instagram Reels is a new way to create fun and engaging video content. Similar to TikTok, you can record and edit together 15-30 second video clips set to music. These can then be shared to Instagram Stories, the Explore Feed and the Reels tab on your profile.

Using Reels is a great way to build your community and grow your reach on Instagram and can be a fun and engaging way to share original and creative snippets with your audience. Here are 3 ways in which you can use Instagram Reels as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Create Authentic Content

Reels are designed to be fast, fun and packed with special effects allowing authentic and captivating content to be created easily and simply. This allows a business to show a more human and less perfect side, which is great for building relationships and strengthening that community feeling.

Share Educational Content

Posting educational content on your reels is a great place to start. Teaching your followers something new helps to position you as an expert in that subject area and you could become the go-to voice within your community.

Showcasing Products

As Instagram reels are now shoppable, it really does help provide a huge opportunity for brands and businesses looking to drive awareness and sales from the platform. With reels now being shoppable, products can be tagged within a reel and that item can be purchased directly from the reel with just 3 very simple clicks.

Like every other marketing strategy, the key to using Instagram reels is to test and check. Test different types of content ideas and check your analytics to see how much your audience liked the content and engaged with it. When you have found what works for you, it’s a simple case of test and repeat!

If you’re confused about Reels and need some inspiration on what to post, our team at Dynamic would be happy to help. Give us a call on 01452 534860 today!