Why Use Instagram Reels for Your Business?

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Knowledge Hub

Instagram Reels represent a feature of social media that allows its users to create shortened videos in order to appeal to a specific target audience. In Reels, you have the ability to edit and create video clips in order to produce entertaining videos for your customers using uploaded filters, audio, content, editing tools and text. The Instagram Reels option has gained massive popularity after it implemented a ‘Remix This Reel’ option which allows users to record their video next to an accompanying user’s video.

But what does this all mean for business owners?

Leveraging trends to appeal to a target audience

Instagram Reels offers business owners the opportunity to take advantage of the latest social media trends, and as a result it gives you the chance to positively impact a specific target audience. By utilising trends with Instagram Reels, you can help your business obtain more views while allowing your team to insert your products or message into the content (if the content is popular, you can see how this might be a good thing).

Creating content with authenticity

To truly appeal to your intended target audience, making sure you find a balance between a professionally curated marketing video and coming across as plain advertising is important. Content that is truly authentic is absolutely key for elements of engagement, and draws users to a social media platform such as Instagram to begin with. Building a following across Instagram and generating interest in your product is extraordinarily worthwhile.

Remember that highlighting your personal commitment to social justice, environmental factors, and sustainability can all increase customer loyalty over time. Social media will help you tell potential customers who and what your brand is versus what it can actually offer. Creating a sense of relatability amongst your customer base is going to be crucial to creating effective reels.

Balancing education with entertainment

Most Instagram users will be scrolling through the app in order to be entertained, and not necessarily to find different products or deals. It’s the job of businesses to decide who is doing the scrolling and what their motive is. Creating reels that are entertaining is important if you want to increase brand visibility and receive more views.

Reels also offer a great opportunity to educate your customer base. It’s important to consider your specific niche and the products that are being offered by your brand. If there are opportunities to educate your customers further, now would be the time to do so.

Spotlighting new releases and products

Utilising the Instagram Reels option to promote different products can truly benefits different brands as they create engaging, short-form content that properly highlights any new releases. Debuting your new products can also create a more authentic form of advertising without viewers getting the impression that they were specifically targeted through a given advertisement.

Revealing promotions/upcoming events/offers

Instagram Reels can communicate the available promotions and offers of your brand. This can be especially lucrative during times of seasonal sales, where potential buyers are encouraged to shop after seeing a particular message. Communicating potential offers through the entertaining medium of Instagram Reels is also going to be crucial to garnering a customer base that engages with your content. Make sure that when it comes to Instagram Reels, you are going with the most professional route possible, and this is where Dynamic can step in to help if needs be!


At Dynamic Sales Solutions, we know how to effectively utilise Instagram Reels to market your business across the digital landscape. If you want to find out more about how we can to do this, contact us here!