A Burger is Just a Burger … Or Is It?

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Blog

Someone I know paid £38 for a burger in a London restaurant. That’s thirty-eight pounds.

That got me thinking; why would someone pay that much when you can pick up something of similar calorific value for a fraction of the price in any of the popular High Street chains?

Quite simply, people are prepared to pay a hefty premium for the holistic experience of eating at a great restaurant. Yes, there are superficial similarities between the burgers, but what about the atmosphere, presentation and décor of the restaurant? What about the lighting, furniture and cutlery?

And what about the customer service?

That’s the key point. Not every client is necessarily fee sensitive and won’t always be influenced by which service is cheapest. If your customer service is better than your competitors then you have an edge on them.

Here’s what can happen when a client has a good customer service experience with you:

• They are going to tell other people about it, and word of mouth recommendations are gold dust.
• They are much more likely to use you again rather than switch to a rival company.
• If they are not fee sensitive, they are more likely to accept any increase in your fees.

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