Joanna’s Journey with Dynamic!

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Blog

Joanna Nicolas is a Child Protection Consultant who just popped into our office one day

as she happened to be running a course elsewhere in the building. We ended up designing a new website for her!
This is the story of her journey with us:

“I needed to completely redo my website so I came to Dynamic. My old website was extremely basic. What Dynamic has done is to totally overhaul my professional image and how I project myself to the world.
“I was thinking just in terms of a simple website but they have conducted video testimonials and embedded videos of interviews I have given on the BBC and ITV. Their attitude is ‘No problem Joanna, we will get on and do it for you.’
“It turned out to be a much bigger experience than I thought it was going to be. Dynamic has done so much more than I imagined could be possible and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.
“It is so important how you portray yourself online because that’s often the first way people come across you. They hear about you from word of mouth and then they look you up online.
“That’s your first point of contact with people so it is absolutely vital that how you portray yourself is honest and professional and that is exactly what Dynamic has done for me.
“I could not recommend Dynamic highly enough. A lot of people have said how good it is that they are local and yes, that is a benefit. But because of the way we all work now they don’t have to be on your doorstep.
“Wherever you are in the country I would highly recommend that you approach Dynamic and have a conversation with them about building a website or redesigning your existing one.
“They are a fantastic company to work with.”

Many thanks for the kind words Joanna.

Incidentally, have I mentioned the power of testimonials?