Let Me Make Your Business Grow!

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Blog

Let’s say there are two garden centres who want to improve their marketing and decide to send out a newsletter.  Gary’s Gardens knows that back in the day you had to buy in mailing lists of potential clients, pay for the paper and printing, pay a company to fold and insert the newsletter into the envelopes (unless you fancied stuffing 20,000 envelopes yourself) and finally you had  pay for postage.

Today Gary knows new technology makes it much easier and cheaper.  He might have to buy in a mailing list still but he can sit down and knock up a couple of articles and adverts on his laptop and fire it off into the ether.  If it doesn’t work, he can send another one tomorrow.  He doesn’t need to put much thought or effort into the content, just keep pumping out the emails and people will buy from him.  Or unsubscribe from his dreary sales pitches.

Glenda’s Glorious Gardens take a different approach.  They realise that a newsletter can be a fantastic marketing tool if you offer people things that they will value.  Glenda gives me a ring and asks if I can help.  I arrange to visit her at her garden centre and we chat through some ideas.

The newsletter we produce for Glenda has special offers that are similar to those that Gary has but we’ve given added value; a monthly growing guide suggesting what you should be planting, a review of a featured gardening book (on sale at Glenda’s of course), a recipe using seasonally grown veg, short gardening tips, the odd joke and a gardening-based quiz or crossword.  It also asks people to sign up to receive a regular online version or hard copy.

Glenda then has to simply distribute copies of the newsletter around her garden shop and she will find she has a growing database of seriously interested gardeners who want to receive an interesting newsletter on a regular basis.

If you are serious about growing your business then you should be talking to me about how we can be sowing the seeds to improve your sales with some innovative marketing ideas.

Contact me for an informal discussion on 01452 534860 or visit our website dynamicsalessolutions.co.uk to see what we can do for you.