Let’s Talk Targets!

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Blog

You might tell me that you want more customers. I will reply, “How many?” If you in turn say “I don’t know”, then you’ve got a problem.

You can’t hit a target unless you have a target to aim for!

Just saying you want more customers is ineffectual because it doesn’t really mean anything without an actual number attached to it. Tell me instead that you want twenty new customers in the next year.


All of a sudden you have something tangible to work with and aim for. If you know you want twenty new customers in the next twelve months then you can start putting a suitable marketing campaign together to achieve just that.

Of course it is not just customer numbers that you need a target for. What about visitors to your website? When will you consider your business to be profitable? How many customer referrals do you need?

Start putting numbers on these things and you get feasible targets that can be worked towards. You need to replace general wishes with cold hard figures and numbers.

Let’s hit those targets!