What Benefits Can You Expect From A LinkedIn Page?

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Knowledge Hub

Your LinkedIn page could help you network with others and prospect for some quality sale leads, while also establishing your public image as a trustworthy and reputable organisation. LinkedIn is an effective tool for nurturing referral relationships and generating fresh business leads, but what other benefits can you expect from the platform?

Creating content that is shareable

By creating content that your viewers can share and actually want to see, your viewers can become truly engaged with your business and expand your outreach. Making your content available in different formats, such as infographics, blogs, videos, and podcasts, will suit the viewing preferences of a particular audience. As with any of the quality marketing content that a business produces, it’s important to strive to publish relevant and authentic posts to encourage comments, share, and likes.

Introducing new services or products

According to research, the top five reasons people follows certain brands on social media are discounts and promotions, customer service, latest product information, and ability to offer feedback. More than half of all vendors have said that they have generated a number of sales through LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn business pages, you can introduce new services or products your business has developed and explain how they will ultimately help your customers to achieve their own professional goals and meet the needs of the business.

Differentiating yourself

On LinkedIn, you can use your business description to emphasize how you stand out from other competitors. Including shared information and business news about the company culture is important to reach new employees and conveying the business’ values, vision, and mission.

Consider how you can use photos, infographics, or stories to give your users a positive, transparent, and authentic impression of your business. Visual storytelling via links to artwork, photos, infographics, video gives users impressions about how your business acts and thinks.

Finding the right candidates

LinkedIn profiles reveal plenty of valuable information about people who are seeking jobs at your business, including their passion for what they do, stability, and record of successful accomplishments. By retaining and hiring these employees, your business will benefit from their energy and expertise.

When social media communication is actually done properly by your existing employee range, it has the potential to create some powerful relationships. By developing these relationships with prospective and current customers, referral sources and employees, your employees can significantly enhance your business’ bottom line.

Checking on the competition

94% of B2B marketers are estimated to use LinkedIn to distribute their content, making it the most used social media platform for these businesses. By visiting the business pages of the businesses who are your competition, it becomes easier to monitor different changes that occur in your industry and to track what has been accomplished by the competition.

Improving your SEO ranking

Google and other search engines rank LinkedIn business pages and posts highly within the pages of search engine results, so when you add updates to your business page and optimise posts for SEO help to improve the performance of the search engine results pages. Because of this, your website might see an increase in certain visitor traffic, especially if embedded within the posts are links back to the business’ website.

If you are a page administrator, you can actually view analytical data about your business page to help you gain a deeper insight into your page performance.


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