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Linkedin Outreach for CPC

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Success Stories

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One of our many success stories here at Dynamic comes in the form of LinkedIn, and the continued improvements made for our client Karl for CPC Finance. Karl came to use with no real idea on how the prospect of LinkedIn worked in terms of connecting and networking with people within his industry, building relationships and trust for his company on a wide scale.

From a standing start, our digital marketing executive Jack has taken Karl’s LinkedIn profile to over 700 connections in just a few months, with each connection being one of importance In terms of B2B or B2C networking.

Karl now averages 200+ profile views each month, with many leads being generated off the back of this continued work done by Jack including regular post updates, company updates, connecting with the right people and by completing research into prospect clients through LinkedIn research tools.

It is highly important to be active constantly across LinkedIn, therefore Jack has put in the time and effort in order to reach these goals for Karl and CPC Finance. Jack has also grown the CPC Finance LinkedIn page itself to over 350 followers in such a short space of time, with thousands of impressions on posts each month.

Jack continues to grow Karl and CPC Finance’s accounts daily through using key LinkedIn features, and we hope to see many more enquiries and work come knocking for Karl through this method of online business and persona marketing.

Valuable Content – Linkedin how it should be done!

Many business owners and marketing managers still cannot get their head around why LinkedIn is so important to their business.  LinkedIn is the social hub for all businesses and companies across the UK, acting as the home of networking and business professionals. It allows you to build connections and network with other businesses, whilst also generating leads to new customers through posting frequently and engaging with others.

LinkedIn hosts more than 575 million professionals around the world, used as a fantastic lead generation tool to connect with your target market and businesses for mutual benefit. If you display yourself and your company page with weekly/daily posts done in a professional manner, customers and clients are much more likely to trust your business and your reputation.

Reputation in business is incredibly important. Many customers that come to you will complete business with you because of the individual you are and the previous work you have done that has been recommended by past customers. Therefore, it is important to have this reputation in one place where the world can see the type of person you are, alongside the work you complete.

LinkedIn is one of the only social media platforms which focuses on the people behind the brand more than the product itself. This is great for making business connections and for giving potential clients an introduction of your brand’s ethos rather than just the product or service you are offering. People don’t like to be advertised at, thus why it is much more important to post company updates and case studies to highlight the work you are completing. This is not to say to never post marketing pieces, but these should be limited to weekly content that does not overflow the timeline of others.

With this highly authoritative nature, these LinkedIn profiles perform well within Google, meaning they have a positive impact on your search engine optimisation (SEO), meaning more people will engage with these posts and therefore your business. LinkedIn is most certainly the future for putting your business on the social hub for all to see (customer or industry professional), so why not start today!