LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Business

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Blog

LinkedIn is a fantastic place for growing your business and efficiently networking. By posting truly engaging content and participating in great industry discussions, businesses can use LinkedIn to market to any potential partners and customers in a truly effective way. The following marketing tips will massively help you make better use of LinkedIn.

Highly targeted connections and customers

The targeting that you can achieve on LinkedIn is simply unparalleled when it comes to advertising digitally. It allows small businesses to zero in on the precise industry, job role, and company size that they want to target. For instance, if you’re selling customer support software to small businesses in the UK, you can set your advertisement campaigns to only show businesses which have under one-hundred employees, based in the UK.

Staying on the radar of your customers

LinkedIn allows you to search for people who fit your criteria, and introduce yourself. You can even stay in touch with people who have expressed an interest in your business. Daily status updates and a weekly LinkedIn blog will keep your name at the forefront of their network.

Growing the e-mail marketing list

It’s recommended that everyone who is on LinkedIn writes a crafted letter to each of their connections, thanking them for being connected on the platform and inviting them to be a part of your e-mail marketing list. LinkedIn allows you to message 50 people at a time if this is something you’re interested in exploring.

Using sponsored updates

Sponsored updates allow businesses to pay to push their post onto a certain individual’s LinkedIn feed. This pay-per-click (or pay-per-1000) feature offers certain demographics in a similar way that other social media platforms do (age, gender, location) but with the key differentiation that you can customise based on the business name, job function, job title, skills, groups, and schools. Users here can target certain interested industries without actually competing against the vast noise of irrelevant messages and companies.

Posting high-quality content

Good, solid content can be highly targeted and should ideally accomplish two primary goals. It should teach other people how to solve a certain problem, or how to do their particular job better, and then establish your business as a thought leader in that particular space. Each aspect should naturally lead to more business if they feel you are offering real value.

 Giving a face to employees

It’s important to get as many of your employees as possible to complete and create their profiles on LinkedIn. This should ideally include any appropriate photos, professional connections, and relevant job history to include a description of how they are helping your business.

Join groups and stay as active as possible

It’s important to join LinkedIn groups that are as relevant as possible to your target demographic. This is a great way to ‘listen in’ on what your audience is currently talking about, and it may offer an opportunity for you to offer advice or interact with them. Most importantly, you can message the members of any group that you are in, even if you don’t happen to be connected to that person.

Make the business page matter

It’s important to have a consistent and updated presence for your brand with its very own business profile page. Content, colours, and imagery on the page should be consistent with your website as well and any other social media profiles that you have. This page should be updated frequently so that the brand appears to be an active and current business. No one wants to stumble upon a business social media profile that is updated only once a month or that hasn’t been updated in months!

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