Making your Website Work for You!

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Blog

You would be amazed how many times people tell me “I’ve already got a website so I don’t need a new one.”

You may also be surprised how many people go on to add “Mind you, I’ve not looked at it recently.”

Well, they may not have but you can bet that someone has – a potential customer or fifty. What will they have seen? Yes, the site has some pretty pictures of your products or services in action and hopefully up to date contact details but what else is on there?

An ‘Our Recent Work’ page with the last entry sometime in 2012?

Links that don’t actually work?

A ‘News’ page which doesn’t actually have any stories on it?

I am not kidding – I have seen plenty of sites like this.

You need your website to be regularly updated with new content that is of real interest to your potential customers. They want to read about your latest offers, see a video of a recent difficult job you completed and hear from people like them who have used your business and found it a great experience.

Your website should have calls to action, social engagement, data capture facilities, relevant news items and responder campaigns.

My team at here at Dynamic have the skills to help you achieve all this and more. We can provide analysis of how many customers visit your site, which pages they looked at, how long they browsed for and where the contact originated.

You may have a competitor selling similar products to yours, employing a large number of staff and with a huge marketing budget. However, online everyone is equal. No matter what their website looks like, if yours looks smart, is user friendly and regularly updated you can compete effectively with them.

So take a hard look at your website. Then think about how we can make it work for you.

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