Marketing – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Blog

Marketing has always been a contentious subject. For many people just the mere word makes their hackles rise and there can be no doubt that at a lot of marketing can be viewed as intrusive and unwanted.

Let’s look at the Ugly side first off. There has been a lot of recent debate about the promotion of sugary high energy drinks to youngsters and a lot of the advertising for unhealthy foods is aimed at sites and TV channels that specifically appeal to children. There is also talk of banning in-play betting adverts which can lead to or aggravate gambling addiction.

Then there is the plain old Bad marketing. Here I am thinking not only of the spam or junk mail and cold calls but also of lame and tired email campaigns. In many instances they are just downright lazy.

But despite all this there is some marketing that can genuinely be described as Good. I am thinking about the marketing that charities do promoting various good causes. There are good adverts promoting improved lifestyle and health choices. So too much advertising educates young people about the dangers of drink and drugs and encourages them to stay safe online.

Even when someone is simply trying to sell you something they can do it in a Good way. There are plenty of informative adverts, interesting themes and some very funny marketing ploys.

So don’t be put off when I talk about marketing. Yes, it can be Ugly and it can be Bad. But when it’s Good it can be Very Good indeed!