Maximising your Facebook Cover Photo Pt 1

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Blog

The first thing I am going to assume is that you have Facebook Business Page. Providing that is the case, I can show you how to maximise its potential to help increase your market share.

If you read these blogs regularly, you will have heard me say this before – everything you do is about marketing your business so your Facebook cover photo needs to be saying something positive about your company.

Take a look at yours now. Is it a random, stock photo? If it is then it’s doing you no good at all. It needs to be interesting, informative and increasing brand awareness to drive people to your page to learn about your products and actively engage with you.

Let’s look at some cover photos and how they improve your business:

1. Tell them what you do. It is pretty obvious but you would be amazed how many businesses don’t explain what they do on their cover photo. This one for Elite Repairs & Paint could not be clearer.
2. Use a CTA button. “What is a CTA button?” Quite simply a Call To Action button. This can be as simple as Shop Now, Sign Up or Contact Us, as shown in this cover photo for Therapy by Sam Baggott. Incidentally, look at how your eye is drawn from the logo on the left across to the images of relaxation therapy on the right and then immediately down to the CTA button. It is almost as if these things were planned …
3. Keep it to one sentence. Let people know what you do in a single sentence. Take a look at this cover photo for Web4Tradesmen. It doesn’t include the name of the company but that is prominently displayed elsewhere on the page. Instead it concentrates on delivering a simple mission statement about what the company does.

Next month I’ll be sharing some more Facebook cover photo ideas to help your business.