Maximising your Facebook Cover Photo Pt 2

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Blog

In last month’s blog I started to show you how to maximise your Facebook cover photo’s potential to help increase your market share.

Here are some more ideas for you:

1. Offer new products. Your cover photo is an ideal platform to advertise your new products or services as it is the first thing anyone sees. Keep it regularly updated to make sure your customers and clients are informed.

2. Show your certificates. If you have certificates, accreditations or qualifications you can show them on your cover photo. Such things are known as trust logos and a survey found 75% of respondents felt they were a sign of reliability. In fact 61% said they had not completed a transaction because of a lack of trust logos.

3. Show them who you are. Despite what you might think, your customers and clients want to know about you. I am a great believer in people and stories about people so would urge you to add something personal to your cover photo. It could be a snap of you and your dog, your family out cycling together or your team at an informal celebration. Let them see you as individuals, not a soulless conglomerate.

4. Add a relevant video. I don’t mean one of those with cute cats or dogs doing stupid things. If you have a short video advertising your products it makes a great addition to your cover photo and is unusual enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

I hope these ideas have resonated with you. Now get cracking with those cover photos!