New Year = New Opportunities

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Blog

Are you winding down for the Xmas break?  I’m not, and you shouldn’t be either.

The start of every New Year is an ideal opportunity to get new clients.  The smart companies will be hard at their planning now, knowing that they have a terrific chance of stealing a march on their rivals.

You know from your own experience that January is a time for new ideas and changing ways.  If you sit on your hands, you may find your clients deciding to try someone new – and that means more business for your competitors and less business for you.
The first thing you should be doing is contacting your existing clients to make sure they are happy with your service and see where you can offer anything extra.  Client retention is essential for any business.

Secondly, you should be planning a campaign to market to new clients.  Start 2017 on a high and plan to keep your business growing throughout the year.
If you don’t do it you can be sure your competitors will.

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