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I wonder if you, like me, are turned off by the majority of marketing we receive.

I recently learnt that HR studies show up to 20% of staff turnover happens

I was very interested to read the results of a recent survey carried out by Flo Marketing.

I am always looking at ways of helping my team improve themselves and encourage them to sign up for various courses as I am a great believer in lifelong learning.

I saw a Facebook post last week that struck a chord. It read:

I have no doubt that you are well aware of the dangers that the internet can pose for us.

I read a recent article about research into the best times of day to post on various social media sites.

You would be amazed how many times people tell me “I’ve already got a website so I don’t need a new one.”

It’s an old phrase that some may consider a cliché but in terms of planning for your business it is absolutely spot on.

If you use Twitter you may well find you have difficulty mastering the header dimensions. Not only that, but even if you follow Twitter’s official guidelines for header photo sizing you may still struggle to get it right.

We have previously discussed how a terrific cover photo on your Facebook page is an excellent marketing tool.

Marketing has always been a contentious subject. For many people just the mere word makes their hackles rise and there can be no doubt that at a lot of marketing can be viewed as intrusive and unwanted.

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