About The Brand/Website

Pump Supplies Ltd are a nationwide pumping company that came to Dynamic with the intention of creating an interactive website where they can showcase their range of services and products/accessories available for hire and for sale.

This includes a variety of submersible pumps for various industries, therefore the market was wide. Pump Supplies have fierce competition within the industry, therefore our aim was to create a website and digital marketing plan never seen before.

Once the website was live, Pump Supplies have continued to work alongside Dynamic, utilising a number of different services to help push their website and also their online reputation to the next level. The website now generates over 5000 visitors a month, with regular enquiries funneling through each week.

Key Features

  • Pump Services listed

  • Interactive Company Videos

  • ‘Meet The Team’ section

  • Different pages for separate industries

  • News section

  • Monthly blogs

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        On-Page & Off-Page SEO

        Pump Supplies have also utilised both on-page and off-page SEO, where each web page is kept up to date with the latest information, on the front end and back end of the website. This has included building the backlink structure behind the scenes, whilst also implementing keywords across the website which has considerably improved the SEO of the Pump Supplies brand.

        Whilst it does take a while to rank on Google organically, you must start somewhere. Pump Supplies have been reaping the benefits ever since, with many of their popular search terms landing them on the first page of Google through the SEO Dynamic have implemented over a series of months.

        PPC/Google Ads

        Through PPC campaigns, we have been able to showcase the Pump Supplies brand to hundreds of thousands of people each month, whilst actively creating regular enquiries for Pump Supplies through appearing on the first page of Google because of these paid ads.

        PPC allows Pump Supplies to be first on the Google list of results, which can take a long time to gain organically. This has allowed Pump Supplies to access leads and enquiries that they may not have if they did not utilise paid ads.

        LinkedIn Management

        Through social media and specialised LinkedIn work, we have been able to connect the Pump Supplies brand to many other different companies and future prospects, by posting regular weekly content to thousands of followers, building this trust and recognition online. This has also been done through a specific profile representing Pump Supplies, being director Peter Lewington.

        In the space of just 1 year, we have elevated Peter’s LinkedIn profile so that he is actively engaging in conversations surrounding the business, whilst also preserving the Pump Supplies brand in a professional manner.

        Through this work, we have taken Pump Supplies from a competent brand-new website, to over 3000 website visitors each month, 95% of these being new (each month). Each service we provide for Pump Supplies has delivered them active leads, with all of these services working together nicely to improve the overall structure of the website and also the way the brand is portrayed online.

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