Six Seeds of Success for Your Business

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Blog

I am going to take a backseat this month and let you do the thinking for a change. Below are six seeds to help your business grow to success but you have to come up with the actual examples.

Once you do, make sure you blog about them, tweet, make them articles in your email newsletter or put them on your Facebook page. Just make sure you get them out there for people to see, read and pass on.

Think about these six things that people love to do:

1. They want to talk. What have you done that makes a good story that they will want to forward on to their friends and colleagues?
2. They love to learn. Pass on something that educates people about an aspect of your business that the average person may not know.
3. They are keen to save time. If you know a way to help people save time then they want to hear about it.
4. They aim to succeed. Everyone wants success. How can you help people achieve it?
5. They want to avoid stress. What can your business do to makes people’s lives easier and stress free?
6. They need to be valued. Think about ways that you can show your appreciation for people.

So grab a coffee and go sit for half an hour and think about those six things. You are bound to come up with some ideas which you can then feed into your marketing.