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Our digital marketing journey with Skin Matters Bristol consisted of:

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About The Brand/Website

Skin Matters Bristol are a UK based brand that provide those with skin conditions a remedy for their problems. Skin Matters Bristol sell authentic UVB Narrowband lamps, in a variety of different sizes to help cater anyone who is struggling with skin conditions. Especially with such a large backlog to get this done free via the NHS, there was gap in the market for Skin Matters.

Ian, managing director, came to us at Dynamic in need of a brand-new website and on-going strategy to help take his starter up business to the next level, with fierce competition existing in such a niche market.

Once the website was live, Ian and Skin Matters followed a variety of our services, with the number of website visits and the number of sales increasing month on month ever since. From what started as a website build, we have continued to work with Ian to grow Skin Matters into the force they are today, with a brand well known in the industry for their range of products avaialble for sale and hire worldwide.

Key Features


  • Online store for products

  • Monthly blogs

  • Industry news section

  • Testimonials

  • FAQ’s

  • In-depth product descriptions

  • Landing pages for separate skin conditions

  • Pages for home hire

  • Interactive company videos

  • Product gallery

        Skin Matters Bristol Website on iPad
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        On-Page & Off-Page SEO

        To stay on-top of Google’s algorithms, new website copy, imagery, backlinks and more needs to be added whenever possible to show Google you are keeping your website up to date with the latest information. Therefore, the more likely Google will recommend your website.

        We have now been implementing on-page and off-page SEO for Ian now for over a year, and in the space of just 6-9 months, Ian now sells a variety of his machines on a weekly basis, whereas he had to start fresh when he came to us at Dynamic.

        Without this on-page SEO, and just letting the website rank organically on its own, these sales would not have been possible due to the heavy traffic that this generates each month, especially with each of his machines providing endless information due to adding keyword-based copy to the website on a weekly basis. This has also included building the backlink structure behind the scenes, whilst also implementing keywords across the website which has considerably improved the SEO of the website. Skin Matters have many of their popular search terms landing them on the first page of Google through the SEO Dynamic have implemented.

        PPC/Google Ads

        Through integrated PPC campaigns, we have been able to showcase the Skin Matters brand to hundreds of thousands of people each month, whilst actively creating regular enquiries for Skin Matters through appearing on the first page of Google because of these paid ads. Skin Matters have a hire and sales side of the business, with both promoted heavily across Google Ads, alongside Google shopping, showcasing the products at the top of the Google, alongside the prices and direct links to the website shop.

        PPC has allowed Skin Matters to be first on the Google list of results, appearing above their direct competitors at peak times throughout the day through the path we’ve followed. Appearing top of Google or even on the first page can take a long time to gain organically, so PPC has allowed Skin Matters to access multiple sales weekly that they may not have if they did not utilise paid ads.

        Instagram Management

        Through our Instagram management service, we have built the company profile of Skin Matters in just a matter of months, with regular engagement and followers coming to the page every day, utilising highlights and stories to showcase the products that Skin Matters sell.

        This has included building the brand reputation, whilst improving the aesthetic appreciation of the products, by using professional photography to best highlight the power of the machines on sale.

        5 Lamp UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Unit Cut Out
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        Video Testimonial

        Through this work, we have taken Skin Matters from a brand-new website, to over 2000 website visitors each month. Each service we provide for Skin Matters Bristol has delivered them sales, which was the most important factor for Ian.

        Skin Matters now generate an average of 3-5 sales per week from a standing still start just one year ago. All of these services work together nicely to improve the overall structure of the website and also the way the brand is portrayed online.

        Here are a few words from Ian himself, going into detail on how Dynamic took his website and business to the next level via the services we provided for Skin Matters Bristol.

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