“So what is this GDPR thing again?”

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Blog

GDPR? Why, it’s only the single most important piece of legislation likely to affect your business this year, that’s all.

Seriously, if you are not aware of the impact the General Data Protection Regulations will have when they come into force on 25th May this year then you need to take action quickly.

Put simply, businesses will need to obtain explicit consent from all their clients to use their personal data in any way at all. In addition they will be required to provide clear information about what their data is being used for and how it is processed and stored.

The GDPR also introduces the right of erasure or the ‘right to be forgotten’ as it has become known. An individual can ask for their data to be removed from a business’s database. Customers or clients can also ask for copies of all data held about them which must be supplied within one month of the request.

You and your staff may be holding such data across a variety of different network folders, databases or even individual PCs and laptops. Think of the problems that might arise if you have to retrieve information for a client. Now think of the impact of a number of such requests in a single week.

Failure to comply with the regulations or requests for information may result in hefty fines.

If I have a simple message about GDPR it is this; don’t panic! Take a look at the article in our Winter 2018 issue of our Marketing Matters for more information. In particular, see the article GDPR – Top 12 Steps for your Business.

You can read these articles here: (link to MM)

I would also recommend taking a look at the ico (Information Commissioner’s Office) website at ico.org.uk

Finally, do beware of third party advice and check anything you are told with official sources before committing to anything. Remember:

• GDPR is coming 25th May 2018
• You cannot afford to ignore it
• You don’t need to panic!