Sometimes You Need a Mule!

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Blog

“Why on earth do I need a mule, Clive?”

Bear with me and I’ll going to explain.

Now, what is the one thing people think of when they picture a mule? Mules are stubborn.


Despite its negative connotations, sometimes stubborn can be a good thing. And sometimes my team and I can be stubborn with our clients. And that is a good thing.

A client employs us to do a job for them, be it designing a new website or running an email campaign. He employs us because we are good at our job and we know how to do it. Sometimes, however, the client disagrees. He doesn’t like our design or the tone of the campaign.

In some instances, we will defer to their judgement. After all, they are paying the bill.

However, every now and again we say that dreadful word “no”. We are passionate about what we do and if we know we are right, then it is the time to dig in our heels and be stubborn.

We are stubborn because we know what we are doing. Trust us to make good choices. Good choices make work effortless, make meaning clear and can turn the everyday into something spectacular.

Good choices also help make money.