Stop Banging your Head Against a Wall!

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Blog

I think we all experience this at some stage – I know I have. You reach a certain point and think that it is just too painful to go on.

Have a moment’s reflection and think about what you are doing. Are you doing it because:

• Everybody else is doing it so it must be right?
• You feel you ought to?
• Just for the money?

These reasons are all very well but you are not going to get any satisfaction from them. Kick them all into touch and see how you really feel.

If you feel frustrated or stressed you are likely to be making decisions that will prove to be unproductive and that you may well regret in the long run. If you feel uninspired and don’t think you are getting anywhere then you probably aren’t getting anywhere. If you feel that everything is an uphill struggle then something needs to change.

Stop banging your head against a wall!

Think about why you started your business in the first place. Consider what you love about your work and reconnect with it. Go back to basics and get passionate again. You’ll soon see the stress and strain disappear and results become more positive.

If you have a headache from banging your head against the wall, consider me your aspirin. Give me a call for a chat on 01452 534860 and let’s get your business back on track.