The Marketing was So Good I was Pleased to Pay – Twice!

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Blog

Now as you know marketing is my thing and I pride myself on having seen every trick in the book. However, I was not prepared for a recent trip to a whisky distillery which had me paying for the privilege not once but twice!

Carol and I had spent a lovely break at Brecon and were heading home when we spotted the Penderyn Whisky Distillery advertising tasting tours. After no thought at all we headed inside.

First up you paid for the tour. This was an interesting experience with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide explaining things such as how the wood of different barrels affects the flavours of the whiskey held in them. The tour finished with a lively Q&A session.

Next up we headed to the bar for a tasting session. Very thoughtfully miniatures were provided for those people who were driving. Finally we left via a fantastic gift shop.

Yes, that was where we paid a second time! It really is nothing new to have people leave any visitor attraction through a gift shop but I have to hand it to Penderyn that the selection on display was first class. I defy anyone to have left that shop empty handed.

Their own whiskeys were prominently displayed of course but so were Brecon Botanicals Gin, with gins especially trendy at the moment, and a delightful Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur.

You can take a look at their website here:

The marketing moral of this story? Probably a combination of there’s nothing new under the sun and you can teach an old dog new tricks!