The Perfect Facebook Cover Size

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Blog

We have previously discussed how a terrific cover photo on your Facebook page is an excellent marketing tool.

For maximum impact it should be a high quality image that is branded and portrays your business accurately and in a professional manner. To get the most out of your cover photo then you also need to know the perfect size for your photo.

Facebook say that your cover photo displays at a width of 820 pixels and height of 312 pixels on a computer, 640px wide and 360px tall on a smartphone. Of course, while this is a good starting point, it is not the end of the question as your Facebook cover will display differently on mobile and desktop devices.

We recommend your photo is 820px by 360px and that you keep all graphics and text within the safe zone indicated on the graphic below.

By using the dimensions of 820px by 360px you should easily avoid any crucial parts of your cover photo being cropped, cut off or obscured.