The Problem with SEO

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Blog

I have no doubt you understand what SEO is – it stands for Search Engine Optimization and if you get it right you will improve your search engine ratings.

So the theory is that if you use the right words you will appear higher placed in the popular search engines and so attract more people to your website.

However, there is a problem. More visitors do not necessarily translate into more business.

Why is that?

The problem lies in the style of writing. Search engines like long articles. The more words the better. People don’t. They want you to get to the point so the fewer words the better. I’m sure you have heard that you have just 7 seconds to get someone’s attention on your website and this is a prime example of that theory in practice.

You need your website to hit the sweet spot where you gain maximum SEO but also provide a reader friendly experience. Yes you need key words and phrases, alt tags, title tags, mega tags and all the rest but you also need content that attracts a reader and encourages them to want to know more about you and your business.

That is the key to keeping them on your site and turning them into valued clients and customers.

Is your website fulfilling these conditions? Why not give me a call to have an informal chat about how I can help you create a website that is both SEO friendly and people friendly.