What Killed the Cat?

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Blog

I expect you all know the answer to that one – curiosity! But how can curiosity help you improve your marketing?

Just think for a minute about why customers or clients contact you or visit your website. It is because they are curious.

They want to know something so their curiosity leads them to you. But once you have got them on the phone or viewing your website, how do you keep them and convert them into a sale or client?

It is all down to how you answer their questions and whether you can create more curiosity.

• Poor marketing will try to answer absolutely everything the potential lead could possibly want to know. You may think you are providing a first class service but in reality if you have removed all of their curiosity why would they contact you again? Bang goes your sale.

• Good, effective marketing will provide just enough information but hold some back in order to generate even more curiosity. That way they will come back and ask more questions and increase your chances of building a relationship with them. This in turn leads to sales and new clients for your services.

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