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What does WhatsApp Business do?

When properly set up, your customers can interact with you easily through their phone with zero hassle.

Since it’s on WhatsApp, it’s a much more casual atmosphere. You can send photos, videos and attachments, meaning if you need something from a client, it’s a simple message aways.

And vice versa, you can send anything to your customers – new product images and videos, any lead magnets you might have.

You can set up an online shop with up to 500 products for people to browse, and create up to 50 auto responses for the most frequently asked questions.

That’s not all!   With a simple and effective ‘label’ system, you can keep track of your conversations, and label them according to their current state, e.g. ‘repeat customer’, or ‘warm audience’.

With up to 4 devices that can be linked, you can spread responsibility throughout your team.

Buying straight from WhatsApp is currently being trialled in Brazil and India with amazing results! When it inevitably comes to the UK, you want to make sure you’re set up and ready to go.

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Did you know that there are over 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide?

There are 40.4 million users in the UK, with 73% using it daily.

For you, this means there is a massive audience waiting to be reached!


Get your business set up on Whatsapp

We can then install WhatsApp Business on your website, so customers can simply click and begin talking with you in a friendly and casual manner.

If you can see the potential of WhatsApp Business and would like all of this personalised for your company, drop us a message and let’s get started!


For just £149 + VAT

We will set it up for you – this includes set up on mobile/website and social media accounts, a fully setup profile, an automated response created and 3 FAQs.

Keep in mind, you can’t have multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone!

Try it out!
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