Which Social Media Stories should I use to grow my business?

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Blog

LinkedIn has rolled out its new stories feature, and it may have added another dimension of confusion for smaller business owners. Many users are asking the question “What is this and how can I use it to grow my business?”.

If you are already a social media user, then it’s likely you’re familiar with Instagram and Facebook stories, but maybe you are yet to take the plunge and actually use them to promote your business.

It’s important to think about why you would want to use these platforms in the first place and the simple fact is in the age of sharing, the more you share, the bigger your brand becomes – even if that’s just within your local area!

The stories feature on these popular social networking sites give businesses the opportunity to invite people in, to show them some behind the scenes footage and the personalities of your team and business.

These small insights allow your customers (and potential customers) to see you as more than just a brand, setting you apart from the competition.

Linkedin vs Instagram vs Facebook

Firstly, it is important to understand the user demographic of each media and how these align to your target audience (the people you are trying to reach).

For example, if we look at the user demographics below, we can get a better idea of where to start:

Social Media Best Times Post Infographic 1

 What should you be sharing on stories?

Another thing to think about when choosing a social media platform is what your product or service is.

An example of this is if your business is a B2C company providing decorating services in the domestic sector, LinkedIn is unlikely to generate much interest, as this is considered a more B2B focused medium. Therefore, spending a lot of time producing content for this platform would go to waste.

However, Instagram would be a great platform to take advantage of from a more visual perspective to showcase your work. Using the stories to involve your audience in your projects.

Where you’re already on a social media platform it makes sense to utilise this and your existing follower base. Take a look at which posts gain the most engagement, could be special offers, posts about new products or ones with great looking photos. This information will help you understand the interests of your audience and give you inspiration for what to share on your stories.

Key Takeaways

To summarise, here are the three main points to remember when it comes to sharing stories on social media:

  1. Be genuine! Your followers want to get to know you
  2. Stay interesting. Use the decorator example, your audience won’t want to watch paint dry! Instead share your transformations with before and after photos.
  3. New ideas are not always needed. Yes, it’s always great to keep your content current and up to date but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever re-share your post to your story reel.

If you’re confused about social media or looking for inspiration on what to post, our team at Dynamic would be happy to help.

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