Why Blogging is so Important for your Business

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Blog

Many businesses believe that just by having a website and a social media strategy, their marketing activities online are pretty much covered.  But, although a website is and always be at the centre of your company’s online universe, it’s what you do to drive traffic to it that really matters.

Most business owners have a website that consists of around 7-8 pages.  Once they’re up online, they very rarely get updated, either because the information doesn’t really change much or you’ve got too much to do to continually update them!

Blogging is the perfect companion to your website and we’re going to tell you why…

  1. Google Indexes Pages – Not Websites

Google made radical changes to how its search engine indexed content on April 24th 2012 with the release of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms.  Their objective was to optimise site ranking based on credibility of information.

This change coined the phrase ‘content is king’ and SEO experts realised that by continually writing expert content to supplement their websites, they created many more, relevant and indexable pages for google to crawl.  This new content gives a business another opportunity to show up on the search engine results page – think of it as ‘another bite at the Google cherry’ because fresh content is continually being indexed by Google.

  1. Blogs drive traffic to your website

So, how do people find your website on Google?  Easy if they already know your company – they’ll just type in your website address, right?  But what about the many thousands of prospects that don’t know about you but are looking online?  Well, with a regular, well created and informative blog containing specific calls to action, you can drive traffic to your website.  This, in turn, will give you the opportunity to turn those prospects into clients.

  1. Blogs can be repurposed for social media posts

A  well-crafted, informative blog usually contains 600+ words (which is about the minimum word count for Google to index it).  These paragraphs in your blog can be repurposed and used as part of your social media strategy too.  So, instead of asking your social media manager to come up with new content all the time, they can take snippets from your recent blog and start a conversation around it on your social media platforms.

  1. Blogs help with link building

Link building is one of around 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a site.  By creating regular, informative content with inbound and outbound links, you’re well on the way to getting indexed by Google and showing up on the organic search results.  Linking to other, larger, authoritative pages and linking back to a specific page on your own website will help you drive more traffic to it.

  1. Blogging positions you and your business as experts in your field

Sharing your expertise online is a very important part of any businesses marketing strategy.  If you can offer solutions to problems that you know people have within your industry, you’ll be able to build trust with your readers.  No business would survive without the trust of its customers, so using a blog to showcase your expertise will build your readers confidence in you and your services.

  1. Blogging helps you share company news

Imagine if you’ve recently moved premises, taken on a key member of staff,  have a super duper new video or a piece of industry news to share?  What better way to get your message out there than a blog?  Blogs are a speedy way of getting information out in the virtual world, without all the complications of other marketing strategies.  And of course, you don’t have to pay to advertise them!

  1. Blogging is cost-effective

So, what are the ways to drive traffic to your website?  The common way is to pay for it!

Some businesses buy email lists from unscrupulous companies and commence an email campaign to these unsuspecting individuals that appear on that list.  This practice is totally illegal and should be avoided at all costs.

The other way is to drive traffic by paid ads on Google or Facebook etc.  This strategy will definitely drive traffic to your site but it’s expensive.  When you stop advertising, your traffic will stop also!

A regular, well thought out and informative blog is cost-effective and has longevity.  Your blog is indexed and will remain in the search engine results indefinitely, giving you many opportunities for it to become an ‘evergreen’ piece of marketing content.

So, in conclusion, if you’re a company owner that’s not using blogging as part of your marketing strategy, think again!

Googles objective is to provide people with the most accurate information to match what they’re searching for.  Business owners can take advantage of this by providing Google with expert content to help them do just that!

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