Why Telephone Follow-up Is A Must

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Blog

Telemarketers are almost ‘universally hated’.

There’s always someone complaining about being hounded by Telesales companies calling on behalf of businesses or charities.

However, done in the right way, it is still very important and successful today.

The use of the telephone I’m talking about here today is slightly different than ‘cold-calling’, although that still works today believe it or not.

It involves making follow-up calls to people on an email or direct mail list to whom you’ve recently sent some information.

Studies show that when you combine a follow-up call with an advance sales letter or email, successful sales increase by a massive 300% to 1000%.

That sort of response is too powerful to ignore.

The phone call then becomes a much gentler call as you can use it to check that the person has ‘received your information’ and open the dialogue from there.

Plan well and have your phone calls semi-scripted so they still sound natural. Use the calls to gather information about the prospect but always mention an irresistible deal/offer e.g. Try before you buy, special ‘invitation-only’ offer.

Don’t put this on the too difficult pile. If you haven’t tried it before, it will only take a dozen or so attempts before it comes naturally. Become Irresistible.

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