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Done-For-You Services

Your very Own Marketing Team.


There, I’ve said it. Like it or not, you cannot ignore marketing if you seriously want your business to grow.

Let’s think about what “marketing” actually means for a moment. A vehicle wrap with the company logo is obviously marketing. So is a website or newspaper advert. What about your tone of voice when answering the phone? How you act in a business meeting? Or what you are wearing? It is all marketing.

Marketing means spotting opportunities before they become obvious, organising innovative campaigns, taking your plans and ideas and making sure they come to fruition. Marketing means producing email campaigns, electronic newsletters for use on social media, brochures and flyers that are informative and encourage people to buy your goods or use your services. Marketing means growing your business and more sales.

However, actually implementing marketing is what most businesses fail to do year after year.

You could employ someone to do all this marketing for you of course. They’d have to be a pretty good multi-tasker mind, to be able to cope with all the different aspects of the job. Website design and maintenance, copy writing, photography and videos, brochure and newsletter production. Oh, and keeping your social media up to date. And blogs. And interesting news items.

Don’t forget their sick and holiday pay, pension and insurance contributions, travel expenses or HR issues.

Or you could employ us and our expert team will do it all for you. You’ll have your very own marketing team without any of the hassle.

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