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Hosting & Domains.

Hosting & Domains

Everything you need to make your website work on the internet.

A great website starts off with a good design but where do you put it? Here at Dynamic we can handle the rest, such as domain name registrations, business class hosting and email accounts.

One of the most essential parts of your website, a domain name is a unique text name and is how internet users access your content. Getting the right domain name for your website is key, but what you do with it is just as important.

When you purchase a domain name, it also needs to be managed. Many people buy a domain but have no idea where it is held or which server the domain is currently pointing towards (The server is where you will store website information so this part is very important).

But do not worry, our Domain Management services can help you with all of this. What we offer includes transfers in, re-pointing your DNS, and domain alerts (where possible) so that you do not lose your name when it is time to renew your domain. It also includes the cost of raising the renewal invoice and provides a helpline should any issues occur.

We work with a website hosting provider that offer fast website speeds, secure servers, and website back-ups so that we at Dynamic can give you high-quality hosting services.

Whatever your domain and website hosting needs are, we are sure we can help. So…

Let’s talk. Call us on 01452 534860 today to discuss what you need.

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