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Website Design & Build

Everyone knows that they need a website for their business, but what is it saying about your company? What type of website is it? Is it one that has obviously been put together from a standard template like those advertised on television? Is it an all-singing, all dancing website with flashy graphics but no actual content? We know what you want your website to do – sell your products and services. So we will design a website that will maximise the number of visitors your website gets and concentrate on turning those visits into sales. 

Website Management

Just having a website is not enough. Too many websites are virtual brochures, static documents with out of date information. You need calls to action, social engagement, contact forms, data capture facilities, blogs, news items, auto responder campaigns. Your website needs to engage and interest your clients and customers. We can do all this. In addition we can provide analysis to show how many visitors the site has had, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on the site and where the enquiry came from. Not only can we build a website for you we can manage it properly. 

Implemented Marketing

So you’ve got your website and it is being managed for you. Is that it? Far from it. Our team of experts can help you drive sales forward with our innovative marketing services. Despite what some people will tell you, hard copy marketing is far from dead and with the right marketing can still prove to be a great tool. Yes, we are talking about brochures, flyers and newsletters that people pick up and read, but we also engage with the exciting possibilities of advertising via social media, email campaigns, e-newsletters etc. The DSS team includes the geekiest geeks to build your website and make it perform to the optimum, the brightest creative minds to feed it brilliant ideas and the friendliest admin team to provide you with a first class service, all under the watchful eye of Clive Hannis, a man with 14 years of marketing experience.

Video Production

With faster internet speeds and shorter attention spans than ever before, video is no longer just a luxury that only the big boys can afford. It’s a captivating and efficient way to deliver your message. Something that users expect to see when visiting a credible website and something you can’t afford to ignore!