3 Benefits of Having a Blog

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Blog

At Dynamic Sales Solutions, we love a blog. Why do we love blogs so much? Because they are a fantastic way to promote your work and your business. Here are three benefits of having a blog.

Develops and builds relationships

Blogging provides you with an opportunity to connect with potential and existing customers. This can be from individuals reading your content, to them interacting with it, commenting and providing feedback! A blog will help establish your brand and also provide value to your readers.


Search Engine Optimisation is vital to get your business seen on the world wide web. Blogging creates opportunities for you to use keywords that Google and other search engines will ‘crawl’ for, these keywords will be words that relate to your business and service. This may include its location, your company name, the services you provide etc. This is how search engines will rank your website; by its relevance to what your potential customer is searching for. Blogging gives you the opportunity to maximise your website’s relevance to terms people may search for when looking for your business, products or services!

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Blogs are an easy piece of sharable media. If you have a blog on a specialist topic that will interest others, people will share it across social media, generating new customers and leads for your business. It also creates content for your own social media, meaning you can share it across your social media platforms and interact with current customers on Facebook, Twitter and more!

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